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Varieties by purpose and dimensions

Road signs. A classic version of a suitcase for travel. These are models of various sizes for long and short trips, alone or with the whole family.
Universal. This category includes briefcases, small suitcases for hand luggage, portmanteaus (soft suitcases for transporting suits and bedding).
Representative. Usually these are small cases for business trips, business meetings. Mostly made of metal or high-quality plastic. It’s more of a status thing. A briefcase, a briefcase is the name of a suitcase for documents.
Specialized. For example, it can be suitcases for tools, gaming equipment, photographic equipment, beauty cases, etc.
Carry-on baggage. That’s the name of a small suitcase. This includes very small bags, usually with a volume of up to 35 liters. These travel accessories will be enough for a short trip for one for a couple of days or for the most necessary and valuable things that cannot be checked in luggage. As well as suitcases up to 40 liters, which still pass in size as hand luggage.
Small suitcases. Travel suitcases up to 50-60 liters in size. Up to 60-68 cm long . These are already more spacious accessories, where you can fit things for two people on a small trip.
Medium. This can include already larger bags, with a capacity of 80 liters inclusive. In such luggage, you can safely put things for three people and go on a short trip.
Large. The largest suitcases, whose volume exceeds 100 liters or more. These are the so-called family suitcases. Because clothes and other accessories for a full family with children will fit perfectly here. Such suitcases are suitable for long trips, allowing you to accommodate everything you need even for a long time.

We have considered this issue in a separate article. Therefore, here we will briefly go through the main options. Modern travel accessories are made of:
Textiles (nylon, polyester),
Plastic (ABS plastic, polypropylene, polycarbonate, innovative curv material),
Metal (aluminum, the most expensive category of suitcases).
Separately, we can mention leather suitcases. Of course, they have an extremely elegant appearance. But at the same time, when traveling, especially if you have to part with a suitcase for the period of flight or relocation, they are completely impractical. By price, they belong to the premium segment. But at the same time, the skin is very demanding in care, sensitive to mechanical damage, atmospheric conditions. Requires the mandatory presence of a cover. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to maintain a presentable appearance. In addition, do not forget that leather suitcases are quite heavy.

What materials are suitcases made of

1. The main thing is to choose the right volume depending on personal needs. Travel bags, as a rule, are from 20 to 50 liters in volume. This is enough to place personal belongings inside for a short trip or a busy day in the city.
2. Comfortable durable handles and an adjustable shoulder strap ensure the comfort of carrying a bag-bag. When it comes to travel, this parameter comes out on top. Handles are not supposed to dig into the skin of the hands, rub calluses and cause other unpleasant sensations. Ideally, they should fit into the palm of your hand very naturally.
3. The appearance of a travel bag depends solely on the taste of its owner. Sports-style bags are the most common, but do not fit the image of a respectable business person. To maintain a certain status, it is better to buy a travel bag made of genuine leather.


Travel bags for hand luggage or bags without wheels – for things needed in the cabin of the aircraft. It can be used on short trips or to visit sports sections.
Bags on wheels are only for travel and are rarely used in everyday life. Sometimes they are bought as a shopping bag, for example, for trips to the country.
Valises are bags made in a classic style. In addition to carrying things, they serve as a prestigious accessory.
Portmanteaus – for careful transportation of suits and dresses.
Backpacks on wheels are the most unusual and modern type of luggage. It is very popular for its versatility, lightness and low price.
Travel bags are equipped with a durable retractable telescopic handle and roller wheels to facilitate transportation, equipped with a side handle. The bags are made of very durable materials. Bags open around the perimeter, which allows you to carefully pack all things. Also, the dimensions of these bags are thought out taking into account the air transportation standards.